Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Xmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kogumaza 7"


Reference mock-up for first of 2 forthcoming Kogumaza 7"s, this one on the Lancashire & Somerset label (home to Enablers and Nathan Bell amongst others).
Limited to 300 on yellow vinyl with the most insanely complex sleeve I've ever been involved in - black heavy paper embossed with silver foil if all goes according to plan.
Out sometime early 2010 fingers crossed and then the 2nd one out on Low Point around the same time. Artwork on it's way...
The 2 tracks are up for listening to at too...
Take some time to look at the source for the patterns: a series of physics demonstrations by Stephen Morris at the University Of Toronto:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lungfish Live 1991

Henry Chunklet has decided to digitise and upload a shitload of cassettes that would otherwise be consigned to the great box-under-the-bed-filled-with-dust-and-pubes in the sky. Lots of these came from Chris Thomson but one of Henry's own is this sound-desk recording of Lungfish in Baltimore in 1991.
They do a mighty version of I Don't Live Today by Jimi Hendrix about halfway through too, as if you needed anyore reasons to have a listen...

Brooks Headley

Sam McPheeters profiles his former bandmate Brooks Headley for Vice, with photos by Glen Freidman:

Headley drummed for Born Against, UOA, Skull Kontrol and Wrangler Brutes among others and is now a renowned pastry chef in New York. No shit. As McPheeters puts it:

"The mystery of tragedy is a staple of news shows—the distraught parents who never thought their child would be capable of murder, the coworkers baffled by an incident of workplace violence. But its correlate mystery—the opacity of talent—gets relatively little play in the media. For me, it’s just as intriguing. How can someone rise to prestige without giving any indications of ambition? What made Grandma Moses take up painting in her 70s? What made G.W. Bush take his life seriously at 40? How do people pull off these radical and seemingly effortless course corrections? Thus was the mystery of Brooks..."

As a huge fan of both desserts and Headley's bands this is a grand read, so go read it...

And while we're at it, here's some of Brooks' drumming from You Tube, just don't read the comments: