Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Supersonic 2009

Some photos from this year's Supersonic Festival here: http:

Here are a few:





And here's some film of Earthless covering Cherry Red by the mighty Groundhogs. Enjoy:

MTV Video Music Awards Video Of The Year

Friday, November 20, 2009



We know. We know. We said we wouldn't put on anymore gigs and we meant it. Then we relented and did the Xmas Covers Party, how could we resist?

And then our long time bud Jason Holt went and joined Spectrum.
Now, Team DY are very pro-Kember, as is the term. We've been consistently blown away by Pete (aka Sonic Boom)'s output over the years and none more so than the recent re-invigoration of Spectrum. The full live band version of the group right now, in 2009 is ON FIRE as anyone who saw them at either the Social or Primavera Sound this year can attest.
So when we saw Spectrum had been added to December's ATP Festival at the request of curators My Bloody Valentine we enquired about setting up a warm-up show for them in Nottingham. Something simple, in a small venue where their ability to blow you away can be increased to it's maximum potency. They said yes. In fact, they said they'd love to. Lucky you...
Even luckier still, we're keeping it stupid cheap on the door (price TBC) with no advance tickets so even if you are going to ATP the next morning you've stil got no excuse to miss this evening of total sonic overload. It's going to be amazing.
In addition to Spectrum, you also get the murky, stained glass riffery of our own KOGUMAZA who are folks from Wolves Of Greece, Not In This Town, Lords, Felix, Bob Tilton and more doing fuzzed out Velvetisms pitched somewhere between Lungfish and those cool instrumentals that made the first few Blonde Redhead records so good.

There'll be more to be added too, maybe some DJs as well. Will keep you posted...

It's going to be SIX QUID ON THE DOOR, NO TICKETS. Doors at 8.30 or so, please be on time as it's a small venue.

Christmas Covers Party 2009


We couldn't resist the lure of a truly hideously boozy night in aid of charity and festive cheer so once more we bring you the (6th) ANNUAL CHRISTMAS COVERS PARTY, this time on Saturday December 19th and this time in the splendid confines of the Bodega Social in Nottingham.
A brief synopsis: Nottingham's finest bands pick 2 secret cover songs, learn them to perfection, arrive at the gig, get drunk, dance to Wham, forget the covers, try and play them anyway to amusement and surprise of also drunk crowd who have warm Ready Brek style glow in the knowledge that they have given a fiver to Cancer Research. We all go home happy.
Here's what I ended up doing for last years event:

Facebook event:

Come along!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kogumaza On Your Telly

Thanks to Tim and the Rockfeedback folks.


My lack of recent entries is down to moving house and the related internet set-up hassles that go with living on a road that's not actually a road (long story). I can deal with that. I can deal with the poorly insulated front room that's like a meat locker. I can deal with acid jazz floating in from next door. I can deal with all 200 of the neighbourhood cats using my lawn as a shitpot. I can deal with doing tons of DIY despite being awful at it. I can deal with paying for everything while my g/f goes to work but yet pays for fuck all. I can deal with having no fridge.
And so on.
But I couldn't deal with a central heating system that appears to have been designed by Laurel and Hardy. So I called out a heating engineer. He concluded that, whereas I picture a relationship with my boiler that involves cosy nod-offs on the sofa and strolling round the house in my pants in February, what is actually going to happen is either this:

or this:

Leading to it being turned off forever and stickered like this:

Leading to another December like this:

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me: Happy Birthday to me.

unless I can find enough of this:

to buy one of these:


Sunday, November 15, 2009