Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Covers Party 2009


We couldn't resist the lure of a truly hideously boozy night in aid of charity and festive cheer so once more we bring you the (6th) ANNUAL CHRISTMAS COVERS PARTY, this time on Saturday December 19th and this time in the splendid confines of the Bodega Social in Nottingham.
A brief synopsis: Nottingham's finest bands pick 2 secret cover songs, learn them to perfection, arrive at the gig, get drunk, dance to Wham, forget the covers, try and play them anyway to amusement and surprise of also drunk crowd who have warm Ready Brek style glow in the knowledge that they have given a fiver to Cancer Research. We all go home happy.
Here's what I ended up doing for last years event:

Facebook event:

Come along!

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