Friday, April 15, 2011

"Lawsuit" Gibson SG For Sale


Just got a bill for finally repairing my Fender Twin Reverb after years of gigging and tour-rentals to Erase Errata and Gang Gang Dance and a million more. It's hefty so I have to clear out some stuff... I'm selling my spare "lawsuit" SG (right). I bought it as a back-up for my Antoria SG (left) not long ago. It uses the same body and neck type but differs in the hardware. It has a fixed bridge and tailpiece and the bridge itself is a level bar type not a Tun-o-matic copy. It intonates very nicely though. The strap peg on the back is on the neck heel as opposed to the body. The tuners have been swapped out for 6-a-side ones which means the top 3 wind the wrong way. If I can find the set off the Antoria (I swapped them for some Grovers I had lying around) then I'll include them in the sale if you want to put it back to stock. The pickups appear to have both been changed. The neck looks like a normal period-correct Super 70 type but the pickguard has been cut along the top edge suggesting it's been installed later. The bridge one is a mystery. Looks a bit like a Univox but it isn't. It's dead as a dodo though. A quick glance under the pickguard suggests a home installation by someone about as skilled as I am. I suspect this is what confined this guitar to the cupboard of the previous owner. In any case I am confident a re-wire would get this mysterious pickup firing again.

Other stuff: there are stress cracks at the neck heel like just about every other guitar of this era with a bolt-on neck. Nothing to sweat about. It's missing about an inch of binding on the treble side of the neck too. Another common problem. At least the inlays on the fretboard haven't dropped out. So there you go. It's cheap so msg me if you want it.

More pics:

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Just did this remix for friends and pub companions Medium Death Kick. The original song was a perfectly-proportioned sketch-like nugget on their album but it seemed ripe for expanding and messing with. Ended up being a bit more Kevin Shields than expected but I hope that's a positive. All done very lo-tech as well, just on the Way-Out Is The Way Out studio gear which means lining up the vocals and manually pressing play when you hope they should come in. Plenty of trial and error, like it should be. Andy from the band made this awesome montage-style video for it. Love the bit with the dog and the body on the beach.


Friday, April 08, 2011

Epiphone ET270 For Sale

FOR SALE: Epiphone ET270 My esteemed bandmate Philip John Welding is selling this piece of total rock history. Get in early and beat the Hard Rock Cafe. It's a 1970s Epiphone ET270 as used by Kurt Cobain (not this one), Justin Trosper (not this one), LCD Soundsystem (the bass version), Trans Am (this exact guitar) and erm...Lords. Some nice touches like the E pickguard (which Phil's other 270 doesn't have) and a pearl inlay logo (ditto). The pickup surrounds have crumbled to dust and it's got chips and dings as well as vintage replacement Schaller tuners but this is a bad-ass guitar for sure. He's also selling a 1970s Maya fretless P-bass with changed hardware and perhaps a changed body as it's a thick, heavy, possibly mahogany lump of wood that makes this thing sound enormous. Message me if you're interested in either. If you're near Nottingham feel free to suggest trying them out.

Wedding Invite

Wedding Invite Another wedding invite, this time for one of my best and oldest friends who finally found a lady willing to put up with him and for that we should all feel suitably warmed. I normally run a mile from the words "soft", "pencil" and "portrait" but I'm willing to give anything a go when it's for someone who has helped me out of many tight spots, usually involving pouring me into the back seat of a car and getting me home from some gig or another in our teens. I guess I lucked out on this one as it turned out very nicely, if I say so myself. I suspect the wedding party concerned might not end as softly or as tastefully...

Posters For Daniel Higgs Tour

2 new posters for shows on the upcoming Daniel Higgs Tour. The top one is for Nottingham on April 27th (solo performance) and the bottom one for Cardiff (Trio performance). The Cardiff poster recycles and re-jigs an old illustration I did for Plan B Magazine for a playlist chosen by Tony Sylvester (Aurora Borealis). I did it with the "I vomited up a blinking eye" Lungfish lyric in mind. It's somehow supposed to represent how the important details can be so subtle as to pass you by, or at least not be the first thing you notice. If you catch my drift. It goes without saying that I'm an enormous fan of Higgs' art and music. There are some photos from the opening of his solo show at the 96 Gillespie Gallery a few years ago here: The temptation was to go for something ancient, or pseudo-mystical in terms of imagery. But Higgs isn't really that much older than I am. He's just got a better beard. So I drew a Cosmonaut for the Nottingham poster. Hope you like it.