Monday, June 08, 2009

New Holga

Some new Holga-ry goodness, this time from France:

Pleasing Tree

Tennis Defeat


Bob said...

fucking well good photos chris. fucking well good. what size prints do you get?

Chris Summerlin said...

5x5 inches. Any more and it becomes a bit grainy. They're on 400ISO Fuji 120 Film though slide film seems to work OK if a little murky at lower ISO settings. Loving that Holga...

Bobster said...

I got one and so did my girlfriend (that's a bit 'I'm Brian and so is my wife' but it's true). They are mega rad. I just love the look on people's fces when they realise how light they are!

I got a couple of films processed at Spectrum in Newcastle on 6x4 prints. It's way cheap but somehow i'm not sure it's as cool as the 5x5ers.

Digital camera are piss.