Monday, July 27, 2009


Harvey Milk

Just got back from this year's Supersonic Festival in Birmingham. Pictures when I have time to wade through the 700 shots I drunkenly took of Monotonix. The festival was splendid as ever and as if they didn't look after you enough, there is a limited edition LP (on appealing spunk-coloured vinyl) on the Capsule label that documents Harvey Milk's 1st ever UK show, headlining last year (pictured above). They were a comprehensive mindmelt that finished off my brain. They also made Ross McGivern take a running celebratory hoof at what he thought was a beercan only to find out (upon high speed foot contact) that it was a steel fixture for mounting a fountain that wasn't going anywhere even if you drove a truck into it. Picture (not for the faint hearted):
Commemorate this stupid injury and our night spent in Selly Oak casualty by purchasing this glorious chunk of wax:

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dstockwell said...

And a pretty awesome slab of wax it is too! Crush Them All sounds absolutely fantastic with Joe Preston doubling the vocals as well as guitar. Great stuff.