Friday, February 26, 2010

You Tube Dismay Pt 3

The 3rd in a series of ongoing pieces of research into the despair-inducing phenomenon of You Tube comments by the public. Eventually, the governments of the world are going to take away the democratic vote and the evidence they will give to prove that people are not responsible enough to make informed and intelligent decisions will be the comments found on You Tube. Mark my words.
Anyhow, here is Harvey Milk's lumbering, wonderful, strangely touching but extremely heavy song I Do Not Know How To Live My Life as audio only on the 'Tube:

And, like a morning on the toilet follows any truly excellent night out, here are some choice comments:

cyurisich (2 days ago)
damn, this is some seriously bad music

daltondeuce (1 month ago)
Yup..this sucks...

PunkOutProductions (1 year ago)
Creston Spiers is my best friend's dad her name is Audrey Spiers!

fraublucher (1 year ago)
Their music is fucking PHENOMENAL but the mush-mouth vocals get on my nerves after awhile. I like the guttural screaming it's just that he sounds like he has a speech impediment like Elmer Fudd sometimes.

GlowStormLion (1 year ago)
translating 'getting stoned' into sounds.... blasted!!

orangespear (10 months ago)
harvey milk are the best band that has ever existed period since The Smiths.

easeone2 (7 months ago)
The Smiths are just gay.

stjreid (5 months ago)
not sure how the smiths and harvey milk got compared to one another... the smiths was a europop band that was great during the eighties and Harvey Milk is a current awesome sludge band out of athens georgia... that's like comparing Depeche Mode to Crowbar or something...

Oh well. Watch this: and remind yourself why You Tube can be good.

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