Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Plantagenet 3 Artwork


Back when I started doing graphic design freelance work, I did some sleeves for the then-just-starting-out label Jitter, run by then-Moonkat guitarist Richard Lanyon. Richard got in touch recently to say he was starting the label up again and (in his own words):
"I could just burn some £10 notes but it doesn't quite have the same appeal".
The first release is a seven inch by Plantagenet 3. Richard was very specific about the sleeve art and how he wanted it to combine a vintage surf aesthetic with heraldry and the traditions and rules about creating heraldic crests. (I should point out now that I find "heraldic" and "plantagenet" the two hardest words in the English language to type so forgive any spelling errors).
The artwork on the band's Myspace page was a purposefully jarring collage of the two subject matters so we went with redrawing and modifying this and combining the results with Richard's love for Ralph Bakshi's animation and the way he used weird textures to mess with depth perception. It all came out nicely and was lots of fun to boot.

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Yair Yona said...

It's a beautiful artwork and a beautiful single.
It's somehow cleverly gets the true essence of the music.
Great job.

p.s. I wrote couple of words about this 7'' myself - http://en.smalltownromanceblog.com/?p=835