Monday, October 04, 2010

Sundae Overdrive

Concord LLC Sundae Overdrive

Just completed this FX pedal fascia design for new company Concord LLC from the US (link to follow once it gets set up). Daed from the company wanted something different to the 2 standardised ways of decorating a stomp-box (very much hand painted a la Z-Vex or super graphic-y like Electro Harmonix: both very nice too I should add, esp. the old EH Black Finger which has always been my favourite pedal design).
So we opted to use a high-gloss full colour sticker on the top of the metal casing. Some slight repositioning later and the Sundae Overdrive had a suitably creamy visual presence with the neat touch of a red LED literally as the cherry on the cream.
Production pictures when I get them...

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