Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Shield Yr Eyes / I'm Being Good / Grey Hairs - Jan 20 2012


Damn You! & Gringo Records present a true winter warmer to kick off 2012 with


With a tireless workrate that sees albums flying out seemingly by the week and constant touring, SYE have built up a deserved reputation as one of the UK's most remarkable bands. Centred around the dizzying interplay between the scattershot rhythms of drummer Henri and the bizarre, unique guitar style of Stef the results are truly impossible to classify. Yeah, their rhythms are crazy and yeah this is hard to play but it's never math rock. Underneath the complexities beats a heart of genuine beauty that infuses the urgency and clatter with a sense of epic-ness (in the original sense of the world) that recalls Neil Young.
True story - first time I saw these guys was at The Chameleon. I went down the front figuring I'd last a few mins, it'd be OK but it'd probably not be my thing. They blew my mind. Afterwards I pestered Stef to tell me how he did certain tricks on his guitar like a nervous kid. I've never seen anything like it before or since. I have every confidence they'll blow you away the same way


A welcome return to Nottingham for Brighton's premier noise rock outfit, now celebrating their 408th year in the business. IBG are most frequently compared to contemporaries like Trumans Water or Polvo but recent LP Mountain Language (Gringo) sees them draw out their addictive riffing and make time elastic. If you dig it when Harvey Milk tease out the greatest songs at glacial pace then you'll dig I'm Being Good in their current 2 guitar and drums formation. Not just heavy but HEAVY. Man.


Ex-members of Pissy Leg, Skulltanker, Harvey Half Devoured, Nerve Bomb and Reynolds (and Fists, Cult Of Dom Keller, Fonda 500, Lords) play slightly-too-loud, slightly-too-fuzzy rock music that steals riffs from Skull Kontrol, Nirvana and Status Quo. They should probably know better.

All this starts usual time on a Friday at Chameleon so we're looking at 8pm for doors, maybe 8.40 for first band? You know the drill. It's a mere £5 on the door. Get there early.

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