Friday, February 13, 2009


With geography putting the brakes on Lords' gigging and music-making (we play 2 gigs next week: Fri Feb 20 in London and Sat Feb 21 in Nottingham which will most likely be our last for the foreseeable future at least, unless we shoot up from 91st place in the ATP Vs The Fans list), the itch to make new music has resulted in a new band called Kogumaza.
A desire to avoid rockist tendencies whilst still rocking means smaller amps, in fact smaller everything. There's a fine line between cosmic foliage and stoner rock and we'll be straddling it, intentionally or not.
We are playing live where you can watch us wrestle with a world of sonic conundrums and be defeated by them all:

March 3 Leeds Packhorse with Zomes and Bilge Pump
March 7 Nottingham Arts Org with Zomes and The Horse Loom
March 8 Liverpool Royal Standard Gallery with Zomes and Deep Sea Dumpling
April 17 Birmingham Hare & Hounds with Earth

We are planning a record (most likely a 7"), provisionally entitled Balance for the Low Point label where densely-packed song fragments are mixed twice in wildly different ways in mono and then split across the stereo hearing range giving the listener control of the mix themselves by simply adjusting their stereo's balance control. It's all getting a little Kevin Shields in the brain room I'm afraid. It's a big fuck you to listening to things on an iPod. Here's to audience participation in the recorded medium again.

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