Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Artwork for Low Point Records

The long-suffering, oft-overheating, clogged-with-dust, crippled-by-the-weight-of-"art" on the hard drive PC that sits in the dining room of my shared house finally bit the dust last week. This has good points and bad points. The bad is that I have to use my graphics PC to access the internet and as it's running Windows 1927 or something, it means I can't view most websites. It also means I can't connect or transfer files from my digital camera which is a pain.
The old PC is in for diagnosis so hopefully it can be saved and the pile of record reviews I had done can be posted. If only for my own sanity.
The plus side is I've been getting on with some work. Shock horror. The first completed project is the sleeve for my housemate's latest release on his label Low Point. It's for an album of his own material remixed by the likes of Strategy and Machinefabriek among others and it's entitled "Aversions":

Mock-up of LP025


It's taken quite a while and as with the Strategy "Electric Soup" 12" on the label, both myself and Gareth wanted to move the artwork away from ambient cliches for want of a better term and into something simultaneously calm but also positive looking. We ended up at leaves. As usual, the artwork is firstly hand drawn in black ink and then split into individual layers of colour in Photoshop and effectively re-drawn using the hand drawing as a template. It's all done with a mouse too - this is a graphic tablet free zone... (and my arm hurts).

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