Thursday, August 06, 2009

Qisa "Machine" CD Artwork


Just completed this CD sleeve for Derby band Qisa. The brief was to create something that had nods to the music the band play (essentially "butt-rock" in the style of the good bits of GnR and Motley Crue with some heavy duty Hendrix and 70s rock influences too) but didn't look too cliched. We went with an autumnal colour scheme and a rough theme of re-growth and fertilisation (oo-er) with some bikini-clad ladies for good measure.
I think I might have been subconciously influenced by the hummingbird/softcore porn vibe of the Papa M singles collection on reflection, with a bit of Shivering King by Dead Meadow thrown in too.
The research consisted of looking at some nature photography and archived galleries from Razzle and Knave. It was a real bind.

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