Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Quick! Before the BBC take it down again

This footage occasionally surfaces on You Tube before the BBC (presumably) gets it taken down for copyright issues. That's a shame because it's all kinds of wonderful. First of all you've got John Lee Hooker on his first visit to the UK in 1964, being utterly transfixing (prepare well for the scream at 2 mins). Then you've got the original Groundhogs line-up as the backing band keeping it the perfect side of grimy and sitting on that groove like only they can (you can see TS "McFree" McPhee and his Cherry Red SG at 15 secs in). But most amazing of all is the 'chef'. This clip is much admired among some of my friends and they all refer to it as 'The Chef Clip'. See if you can work out why...

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