Monday, March 29, 2010

Kogumaza Live Bootleg

We (Kogumaza) played the British Wildlide Festival on Saturday and it was recorded here:

Plenty of stuff not-yet-recorded and plenty of reverb courtesy of Dr Spivoluminous. So go download it. It's free, take it, it's yours.

Tons of good bands played on our day and tons of nice people met as well. Ox Scapula, Shield Your Eyes, That Fucking Tank, Quack Quack, Blacklisters, Human Hair and Max Tundra all conspired to make us buy more drinks and stay all day making the breakdown of the Koguskoda and eventual return home at 4.30am a harsh return to reality. And if you have any idea what the man with the clip folder who bit Matt Gringo's hand was all about then do share it with us.

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