Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"No Peeping" Sketchbook

A few years ago I started trying to draw portraits of people in a small sketchbook. It started at work and then at the ATP Festival when I was manning the merch stand. I didn't want people to sit for the portrait or know I was doing it so I held the sketchbook under the table and drew the person as fast as I could without looking. It gives some pretty peculiar results and sometimes you end up with a strangely accurate likeness that's completely wrong but somehow captures the person. If that makes sense. I really liked the process and the results so started doing more of them, using magazines to draw from as well.
I've used a few of the drawings in posters over the last few years. In those cases I usually work the drawing up with a bit more detail after I've done the initial "blind" sketch. Anyway, I scanned some of them in here:

A few for your eyes...

Prince Circa 1978

Prince (circa 1978)

Néman Herman Düne

Néman Herman Düne (Herman Dune)

Tom Coogan

Tom Coogan (Hirameka Hi-Fi)

Miles Seaton

Miles Seaton (Akron Family)

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