Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Apparently 99.6% of Americans have a Blog. That might not be true. Here are a handful that are worth adding to your 'Favourites':

The Loom Of Ruin: Sam McPheeters used to sing in Born Against, Men's Recovery Project and Wrangler Brutes. Now he's sacked off playing music to concentrate on writing with some occasional spoken word shows. He might be on to something.

Too Big To Fail: Newly-hatched blog by Scratch Acid and Jesus Lizard bassist David Wm Sims. Good way to work yourself into a frenzy about having paid out something like £160 to see the Jesus Lizard play in May only to find out everyone else who bought a ticket voted for Sufjan Stevens.

Ideologic: Links to art, articles and music provided by Stephen O'Malley of Sunn 0))) and KTL. The art links are always work a look...

Pink Hollers: Obtuse and cryptic musings from Dead Child and Slint guitarist David Pajo accompanied by obtuse and cryptic mobile phone snaps.

Stereo Sanctity: Great blog of music reviews, news and musings. Always right on the money and funny too. Regularly updated, always worth a cup-of-tea's worth of your time.

and of course Diskant: The original and best. Loads of people with not-so-much-time-on-their-hands-as-they-used-to-have talk about culture and get their ideas stolen by The Guardian. True!

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Neil said...

Wow, didn't know Jesus Lizard were up for ATP.

Almost tempted now