Thursday, January 29, 2009


Me: "Apparently in Ethiopia you have to be sure to iron your clothes because of flies laying eggs in them"
Kevin: "Hey?"
Ross: "Yep, flies lay eggs in your pants"
Kevin: "What?"
Ross: "Leading to boils and sores on your penis and testicles"
Kevin: "Oh fucking hell....
...I hate ironing"

Everyone's second favourite small, hairy drummer Kevin "Smith" Smith is moving to the wild lands of Ethiopia on Saturday for at least a year in order to teach English as part of the VSO Voluntary Teaching programme. He recently attended a seminar entitled How To Not Get AIDS in preparation and informs us that he will be eating "mainly spaghetti" whilst there. If anyone can pull this mighty leap off then it's Smith Kevin.
You can support him in this venture by heading over to the Blaklava Myspage page and buying their recent CDR as all the proceeds go to VSO. It's good too, which helps.

In the meantime, enjoy The Greatest Hits Of Kevin Smith in visual-cake form.

Kevin Smith


Classic Smith


Day 4: Exceptionally gnarly

Trouser dismay

Extreme Air Guitar

Fake overdubs


Maida Vale 11/12/02

Hello Sailor 2

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