Saturday, January 24, 2009

You Are The One I Pick

Lucky Coconut

Nearly a year since we started it, the Felix album is done and ready for mastering. It's called You Are The One I Pick and it has 11 songs on it. Lucy, Elvis and me played it. Ian Scanlon and Gareth Hardwick recorded it. Hopefully someone will release it. Will keep you posted on that.
Recording songs so minimal but intricate was a challenge. We made it hard for ourselves. I'm very happy with the results. I felt at times like I was in the middle of Project Mersh, making decisions in music I normally wouldn't consider but we all ended up enjoying our turns at being a 'producer', in the oldest sense of the music-industry term.
When things got tough we just turned to the coconut. My Mum was in Hawaii and when looking for a present, thought to herself: "I think my son may struggle to articulate his thoughts about guitar seperation and increasing the resonant frequency of a floor tom head at some point in the next year. I think I will buy him a coconut". It worked. Thanks Mum.
There are 3 unmastered songs from the record at the obligatory Myspace page:

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