Thursday, March 05, 2009


For the last god-knows-how-many-years, I have been running a business and pretty much my whole life off a computer set-up that Barney Rubble would dismiss for being old fashioned. I have one PC in the downstairs dining room connected to the internet and then another upstairs that I run graphics programmes on that never goes online to safeguard against viruses and also because it runs Windows ME and is powered by a hamster on a treadmill inside it. But, my scanner and printer were high-end when I bought them (in about 1999) and they work with it fine and I've managed to do several years worth of design work on this set-up without too much struggle.
Recently, the downstairs PC started turning itself off. A quick trip to the menders identified the problem as a busted power supply and faulty fan and it came back fixed today. In the meantime, the upstairs PC got a wireless connection and went online for the first time in about 5 years. Literally as soon as I switched the repaired machine on, the upstairs machine died. And it looks permanent. It can't locate it's own hard drive and will not boot up as a result. Luckily most of my work was backed up so I lost maybe a fortnight's worth of one particular project.
So, I'm down to the one PC which is struggling under the weight, doesn't run Photoshop well at all and insists I re-install the scanner software every time I switch it on.

Can some kind soul please advise me of a funding body in the UK who can help me with a grant to get a new computer? Or, better still, can someone just give me one? Please...

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Anonymous said...

time to go Mac it sounds

otherwise just buy a bog standard Dell for £300/£400 which is the equal of anything that cost a grand plus five years ago