Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ouch! (Stage Blood gigs this week)

For the last 2 years (since developing the problem when in Barcelona on holiday) I've had this weird thing with my right eye where, when I wake up, any movement in the eyeball results in a severe (and I mean severe) concentrated pain in the centre of my eyeball.
My doctor referred me to Eye Casualty who said it was an abrasion of the Cornea ( and gave me some ointment and drops.
It carried on. My doctor told me to take an eye test. They told me there was nothing wrong and I had perfect vision.
Every day for the last week I've been woken up by the problem and it's been getting worse. Another trip to Eye Casualty finally got to the bottom of the problem: the damage to the Cornea hasn't healed properly and going to sleep has the same effect as a sink plunger on the Cornea - it creates a vacuum-like state where any subsequent movement 'pops' the healed tissue away from the Cornea leaving a wound and causing pant-pissing agony.
A nice gent at Eye Casualty then proceeded to use a small pair of tweezers with sharpened knife-like tips to cut away the tissue on my eye to 'start again' and let my eye repair itself properly. His advice that 'for the next 2 days, this is going to be excruciatingly painful' is pretty much on the money so far.

Unfortunately, I have to take a train journey tomorrow to sunny Glasgow in time for Wednesday's Stage Blood gig at The Captain's Rest. I think the ordeals I'm going through to get to this gig should be enough to convince anyone within a 200 mile radius to attend. We have 3 gigs this week which almost constitutes a tour:

Weds March 25 Glasgow Captain's Rest

Fri March 27 London Brixton Windmill

Sat March 28 Nottingham Arts Org

I'm the one with the bright red eye, playing everything wrong because he can't read his cheat sheets.

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