Monday, March 30, 2009

Inevitable pre-gig activity

Transcript of text message conversation between myself and friend prior to last Friday's Stage Blood gig in The London:

Rachel: "Do you know what time you're playing later?"

Me: "I think we are second so half nine I would guess? Its all a bit vague though we are absolutely ready to rock so do come along"

Rachel: "I'm trying to, promised to do 2 other things already so sorting out order to do them in"

Rachel: "Any update on time? Trying to work out if it's worth me doing my "before" thing."

Me (by now stuck deep in London traffic in the van): "Not there yet. Of course its worth it. We've driven from scotland!"

Rachel: "I meant the pre-gig thing. What's the door tax?"

Me: "No idea I am afraid. Not much of a clue about anything apart from our rockness"

Rachel: "Any news on times?"

Me: "We are on at 9.30"

Rachel: "Oh Crap. Is there a chance of running late? We always put folk on at least quarter of an hour after we say we will, so hoping other people are the same..."

Me: "A little bit late yes. It's 4 quid. Now stop texting me and get ready to go out. Get andy to drive!"

Rachel: "Andy's gone out somewhere else and i'd have to leave the house 10 ins ago to get there on time"

Me: "Get on with it then!"

Rachel: "Think I may have to crap out"

Rachel: "Balls. Tried anyway. Just missed bus. It's 12 mins to the next one and an hour once I'm on it so i should arrive just as you're finishing. Therefore I shall fuck off to the work thing I was planning to blow off. Very sorry. I'm sure you rule."

Me: "After all that... If you'd spent as much time getting ready as you did texting me..."

Rachel: "Well you know, i'm a twat, what can i say?"

To conclude: if you feel like repeating any aspect of this text message nightmare with me (or in fact anyone, anywhere, in any band in a van stressing to get to any gig on time) then here is the default answer:

"I don't know when we're on. It starts at 8.30 like most gigs and it's not more than £6."

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